My mind is always racing and sometimes I find it difficult to compartmentalize my thoughts. Sometimes I just want to center myself and empty my mind.  

I have found meditation as a tool to center myself to direct my thoughts to what I truly desire rather than be directed by the daily pulls of the world around me (distractions etc.)


My name is Jevon Taylor, and this is my Crystal Stair.  (Inhale Purpose and Intention. Exhale self-doubt and distraction).

As ambitious black men, we sometimes forget to take a moment to calm down and focus on the sustaining properties of our lives; the aspects that fuel/allow us to propel further in our aspirations. Allowing ourselves to find stillness amongst the commotion of life around us gives us the most valuable thing we owe to ourselves…a sense of inner peace.

I don’t meditate to reach that spiritual, nirvanic state, I simply do it to find answers, process events, and allow myself to view my life from a higher perspective. Being in that space grants me the opportunity to reflect on what truly matters to me and allows me to make sure my intentions are pure with my actions going forward.  It’s this sense of purity of intention that’s woven itself into the fabric of my business…FALSE EGO.

Our FALSE EGO is the element that hinders our ability to connect with anything outside of ourselves, including our environment and the people around us.  I created this company with the intention of building a platform to raise the awareness/consciousness around sustainable fashion and other prominent issues regarding our environment, making the people of this world recognize that we are ALL a small part of a bigger picture, but doing so in a creative way.

As of late, we’ve seen the effects of climate change and pollution and frankly, these issues should be addressed with more urgency.  Pollution, specifically fashion pollution–the improper disposal of garment-related waste and the toxic chemical process used for producing clothing –  makes fashion the 2nd largest pollutant worldwide, behind Gas & oil.  This is why our clothing line is made of 100% sustainable fabrics like Supima and Organic Cotton, eliminating the pesticide and chemical use during the making of our products.

Being an environmental entrepreneur has opened so many doors for me: I have had the opportunity to travel outside the country for global sustainability conferences allowing me to meet the leading catalysts, scientists, and brands in my field.  I have been able to successfully have my brand in a storefront located in my hometown of Denver, Colorado and am enjoying the flexibility and challenges that come with being a new entrepreneur only a few months away from officially entering my first year having a business.

I now also sponsor a forest in Tanzania, Africa; planting a tree for every product I sell from my online store. FALSE EGO has also partnered with a Textile recycling company USAgain, allowing us to not only sell apparel but give our customers an option to send back their used garments to be disposed of properly and used as either fabric for new garments or air insulation for homes & buildings. I am currently in the process of creating programs and raising funds as a Partner of DPS (Denver Public Schools) to educate kids  K-12 on the environment/ sustainability and create events taking them outside of their communities to expose them to new surroundings expanding their minds to the vast possibilities that exist in this life.

Success and purpose incorporate both a spiritual and mental balance.  It took a lot of maturity to realize that the majority of things I aspired towards in the past I won’t have when I die…

Take a minute to process that.

It forced me to think of what else I could leave behind that will allow my presence and impact to be immortal.  If I could change someone’s life, spark a child’s mind to do something that’s never been done before, build a company that changes the way we think and live, or just simply set out to do something bigger than myself, then why wouldn’t I?

The greatness of a man is not how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively -Bob Marley

As black men, we are put in a box of what we’re expected to do or become, and we must transcend these expectations from not only society but within ourselves.