Your first impression is made within the first 2-5 seconds of you walking into a room.  You’re scanned from head to toe.  Is your shirt ironed?  Is your skirt lint free?  Is your suit pressed? How about your tie, is it touching the top of your belt?  Do your belt and shoe match?  And your socks, are they charismatic, yet tasteful?  Are you adding flair where appropriate and being conservative where need be?

My name is Jeremy Frierson, and this is my Crystal Stair.  Welcome to the mind of a stylist. 

More specifically I consider myself an image consultant.  You are your own brand, and you should always put your best self forward in any situation.  As an image consultant, I create the unseen.

To me, the beauty industry is built on self-confidence.  You can wear anything you put your mind and your confidence in.  My job is not only to make you feel confident, but to compliment the personality you bring with patterns, fabrics, laces, ties, shoes, collars, and socks that best fit you!  Any stylist will want you to look your best.

But it wasn’t always tuxes and Italian shoes…

We all know that person or personality; that guy (or gal) that looks the part, but might not be the part.  I was that guy.

My clothes are always sharp, my look always put together; showcasing this façade of what a perfect life might look like…and it worked.  People thought I lived this glorious life and granted, my family wasn’t poor, but we weren’t rich either.  In my community in inner-city Chicago black boys lacked direction, identity, and intention.  There were no black leaders and no one to tell us that our belt needed to match our shoes, no one to help us choose our first suit.  No representation of how a black man should carry himself.

It took me a while to determine my own identity, and I found the best way to showcase it was through my clothing choices.  Bright colors represented eccentricity and excitement, I could be that, I’d think, but I also value my introversion, so maybe I accent it with some conservative earth tones…maybe an olive green or a redwood brown.  For me, it’s always a growing process and I’m always continuing to change my look.

I saw how threads changed the very mindset of my clients, they left our sessions feeling empowered, refreshed, and confident.  From the cut of the pants to the way the suit falls across the shoulders, it transmogrified the way my clients viewed themselves.  They became…capable, and that’s why I do what I do.

And remember, you only have 5 seconds.  Black man, how will you impress?