Creativity is more important than Intellect

I served as an intern at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

I was hired by a professional modeling agency while attending Art Basel in Miami.

I collaborated with one of the music industry’s most iconic families…the Marley’s… to conduct philanthropic work in both Rio de Janeiro and Sierra Leone.

The first thing you should know about me, is that I’m a serious introvert.

I’m Christian Brown and this is my Crystal Stair.

How do I do it?

I always joke about putting myself in situations where an introvert wouldn’t last.  Failure and I are best friends; I sleep with Failure.  I think about failure like this… you are about to die and you realize that you didn’t do all the stuff you wanted to.  When you look at it like that you start to think about all times you let fear get the better of you or when you’ve restrained yourself from some experiences.  You find that your list of “should’ve, would’ve, and could’ve” begins to grow.

An Important Lesson

My most important message stemmed from my upbringing.  Being an introvert, how could I prepare to adjust to the many life experiences I would have? Simple. My Parents.

For better or for worse, my parents have been a cornerstone in my personal growth.   As a kid, they were very supportive of anything me and my younger brother wanted to do, specifically in our extra-curricular interests.  This allowed me to be as explorative as possible, and seek out new challenges, even for stuff we knew we definitely didn’t need.

This cultivated a sense of fearlessness and an unfulfilled curiosity, which carried over into his adulthood and eventually into his career in graphic design. I firmly believe that creativity is more important than intellect.  Your ability to be resourceful and adjust to the curveballs life throws at you helps much more than being book smart.

And to all of my fellow introverts:

Make sure you are doing what you want to do, and not just doing things for the clout and recognition.  Being in the light and staying relevant is actually work.  You must have a thick skin because you’ll be attacked for being an introvert.  In some cases, you must work extra hard and be the loudest one.

And boy have I been loud.

Having worked with the creative minds of Virgil Abloh and ASAP Rocky on collaborations and spearheaded marketing campaigns with McDonald’s and influencers around the country, I continue to live life without regret. 

And you should be prepared to live your life just as fully.