If you’re happy about something, you can easily be unhappy about that same thing, but when you are at peace, nothing can sway the way you feel about it.

Peace.  A five-letter word that theoretically requires so little, yet realistically demands so much.  Considering my circumstances, it is a wonder how I’ve achieved a semblance of peace so early in my career…

My Crystal Stair started at 4AM in my hometown of Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe as I tended the seemingly endless kilometers of maize crop and livestock that roamed freely on my family’s farm.  I had to take responsibility from a very young age; for me, everything had to be done on time; one delay could ruin an entire seasons’ worth of crops, and no crops meant no money.  After tending the fields, I would help my grandfather run a bottle shop in central Chinhoyi, where I honed my accounting and customer service skills.

But my struggle for Peace was only beginning.

My mother left for the UK when I was 4.  I haven’t physically seen her since. 

Behind that Peace, there’s pain.  It’s been tough.  A mother’s love is so important in the development of a child and the traits that show in a person, but not having her there doesn’t mean that I am without her love, and I speak to her all the time.  She always ends our calls with ‘Be a good boy’”.

I liken an absent mother to a malnutrition of sorts.  Usually someone who is raised by their father is a little rough around the edges, doesn’t treat women well, is unkind, and a little more skeptical of people in general.

Now as a self-proclaimed farmer – turned – junior finance major at Howard University I’ve used my experiential business knowledge to discuss emerging market finance and sustainable agriculture at top firms including GoldmanSachs and Bain.  I continue to represent my family in everything I do and I continue to perform academically.  Having been named a recent FORBES 30 under 30 Student Scholar, and a fellow at the 2018 Young Titan Academy in Berlin, Germany, I know my story is far from finished. 

And mom?  If you’re reading this…I’ll see you very, very soon.